BAM Groups

We believe spiritual growth happens best when people are connected in community with each other. Our desire is to help everyone get connected into a BAM group where they can grow in their relationship with God, experience authentic community, and be on mission with God. BAM Groups are a group of 5-6 couples or 8-10 adults who meet consistently for Bible study and fellowship.

Our desire is for each BAM group to be Biblical, Authentic, and Missional.


Accepting the Bible as the authority of the Word of God and applying it to all areas of life


Experiencing deep and meaningful Christ-centered relationships


Being on mission with God by reaching out and sharing the love and message of Christ with others in the community

How can I join a BAM group?
Our BAM groups meet at various times throughout the week.

  • • Fill out the visitor's form on Sunday's and you will be contacted by someone from our staff to help you get connected to a BAM group.
  • • Come to our Connections group on Sunday mornings. Connections is a step to help people    get connected into BAM groups. At Connections you will meet people for Bible study and    fellowship with the purpose of forming new BAM groups. Connections meets every Sunday morning at Sienna Ranch from 9:00am-10:00am.
  • For more information contact