If this is your first time to take a look at Sienna Ranch I hope you will find the answers to what you are looking for.  But just in case you do not see it conveniently here on our website, please ask us.  We believe in relationship and really, would much rather converse with you about our church than have you read about us.  So, either give us a call at 281-778-9300 or drop us a comment or question at office@siennaranch.org.

Here is what you will find every day at Sienna Ranch:

THE TRUE GOD: God loves and cares about you and your family.  He desires that you know Him like He knows you.  He is refuge, strength, wisdom, direction, comfort, compassion and love.  He gives us timeless meaning and purpose in life far beyond ourselves.  At Sienna Ranch you will encounter the true God.

REAL PEOPLE: We are not perfect and we are not pretenders.  We do not look down on others, we don’t wear masks, and we do not play God.  We are people dependent upon God, learning to trust Him more each day.  We are caring, compassionate, accepting people.  And nothing would please us more than to take this journey of life with God together with you.

AN ULTIMATE PURPOSE: God has us here in this world with a reason far greater than simply existing, making a decent living, or merely amusing ourselves.  We exist to discover the mysteries He has embedded into this universe; design and create the innovations He inspires; creatively express truth through the arts; and not be afraid to work to bring about righteousness and justice for all, especially those prevented from doing so for themselves.   We live as we glorify God in all we do.

HELPFUL ANSWERS: Everybody experiences everyday struggles.  There are no exceptions, some just try to hide it better.  Whether your struggles involve your marriage, your children, relationships, finances, employment, illness, abuse, depression, addictions, grief or loneliness – let me first reassure you that there is hope.  God is bigger than your problems and situations.  At Sienna Ranch for some of these situations you will find helpful guidance from God’s word, and for other situations you will find a people that will stand by you through the storm.